Saturday, November 24, 2012


Have you seen the Majic 100 ad on TV?   The girl says she loves her job.  It's low pay, long hours, no vacation but they only get Majic100 on the radio so it's the best job ever and she loves her job.  Really?  Every time it comes on I promise myself I will never listen to that radio station.  What a dumb commercial. Irritates the hell out of me every time I see it.  

BRB.  Gotta go and refresh the coffee.

There is nothing like a fresh, hot cup of coffee.   Today it is raining, damp and cold.  I turned the heat on in my studio/office.  These old bones just don't like the chill.
Enough for this morning.  I leave you with a quote from Oscar Wilde:

"The only thing that ever consoles man for the stupid things he does is the praise he always gives himself for doing them."
-Oscar Wilde

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