Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finally a real keyboard...

that doesn't have any pieces missing. My son brought my old laptop home and now I have a keyboard. Dell says I have to send in the new laptop to have the new keyboard installed so I will be without it for about 8 days. Logan sure did a good job picking off all the keys. LOL

Update on the new dog: changed the name to Diesel since he didn't know his own name anyway. He is a very stubborn little guy and keeps on getting beaten up by the cats. He has made friends with two of them... sort of. I'm afraid the lights are on but nobody's home. May he will grow a few smarts as he gets older.

If anyone out there is interested in a zine swap, there is one going on at my group. You can join in by clicking on the yahoo button on the right hand side. The more the merrier.

Happy weekend all.

“The greatest risk in life is life - it has 100% chance of causing death.” - Unknown