Monday, January 25, 2010

Ya Just Gotta Have Fun...

I have come to the time in my life when I would rather have fun stuff than practical...  funky rather than classic... weird and wild rather than familiar and sedate.  Gee...  I must be getting old.  LOL

If I was a teenager in this time and place I would have hot pink, white and black streaked hair and piercings and tattoos in all manner of places.  I would wear dog collars and bright funky clothes and high platform shoes and crazy socks.  ( well I do wear crazy socks now).   I would want to be eccentric and strange and extroverted and have a whale of a good time.  I'd like to shock and annoy and amaze and just be a free spirit in all directions.

Of course I have kids, grandkids, a husband and am 59 years young so I have tried to retrain myself all these years.  Do I have to continue to do that?????

I want to have fun... even doing simple things.   Like email.  I want fun email.  Not the plain white backgrounds and the tiny little emoticons.  I want big animated things that annoy the people I send email to.   So I got Incredimail.  I love it.   Not only is it fun, fun, fun but it automatically picked up every email address I have and added them to the accounts list.   It checks them all at one time and it does it with Pizzazz.

Now that I have fun mail I have to look for other ways to have fun with my computer...  other than just online gaming.

I leave you with a quote by Jim Cole:  “Love is all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets pregnant”