Friday, October 21, 2011


Chocolate Bits... Who are they kidding?

According to Kellog's Special K Cereal commercials if I am craving chocolate at 9pm I am going to go to the cupboard and get a bowl of cereal with chocolate chunks in it and be happy. Who the blazes are these people?
If I am craving chocolate at ANY TIME you can bet your bippy I am NOT going to go and get a bowel of cereal no matter how "chocolatey" it is supposed to be. I am going to get dressed, drive to the nearest Mac's and get a big, huge, chocolate BAR. And I am going to eat the whole bar. Probably I would buy extras so I wouldn't have do run out in the night again.

For all of you folks who like chocolate... would you be happy with chocolate bits in your cereal in place of your fave bar? So far I haven't come across anyone who wouldn't prefer the bar. Leave me a note and let me know.

Yahoo Groups that Die

Today I went searching for a group to join.. well several actually. I did join a few and after joining I found out that they were all spam and had been for months or even years in some cases.

These groups had DIED slow horrible deaths. So, when the moderators/owners of these groups saw the writing on the wall, why on earth didn't they delete the groups so people who search for groups wouldn't waste their time on this garbage.

After searching through pages and pages of groups, you finally find one you want to join and bang... it's crap.

After these groups die, why doesn't yahoo wipe them out so the names can be reused or so people don't get fooled into joining what looks like a live group.

GRRRRRRRRR I hate that!!

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