Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back at the keyboard again...

I have absolutely no self-discipline and I will admit it freely.  Staying on a schedule, following a planned anything, doing the same simple thing daily etc, etc, all elude me.   Grandma said it was because I was a free spirit which is just a nice way of saying you have no self-discipline.  God Bless Grandma.

It has been months since I have managed to update my blogs and I have no excuse really.  I have been bored, so I really could have.

I do think I know what part of my problem has been lately though...  I am an artist without a studio and no place to "create".  Art was a daily part of my life for years.  My oldest daughter and my two perfect grandchildren moved in with us in June.  She got the big room and we moved into my studio.  I packed everything up and stored it away.  I do believe I am going through and immense withdrawal.   And it sucks.

I want my "stuff" back and I want my studio back and I want to make a mess and cut and glue and paint and do all the wonderful things I did before.  I miss my stuff.

Okay, so I'm whining but at my advancing age (60 in January/11)  I don't do change well.   I didn't do change well when I was young.  I DON'T LIKE CHANGE AND I WANT MY STUFF BACK.

There, I've updated the blog, whined and now I will go and create a salad for the BBQ at noon.

Happy Day Everyone.

Today's Quote:

No one likes change but babies in diapers.   -- Barbara Johnson

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